Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a few pics from previous trips

Fishing in Idaho

My name is Josiah and I love fishing in my home state for Sturgeon.  We fish the snake river in the South West portion of Idaho.  Have been fishing for sturgeon for the last 4 years and each fish is as awesome an experience as the first.  Creating this blog to share what an awesome resource we have here in Southern Idaho.  The plan is to post helpful tips that can help other fishermen get into sturgeon as well as learn a few things myself.  Me and my brother try to get after sturgeon as much as possible all year long.  The goal this year is to get into fish every month of the year.  So far we're into the end of march with 1 sturgeon for Jan. 1 sturgeon for Feb. and 10 for March.  Don't know much about blogs but hopefully can make this a good one.  Honestly I'd rather be fishing then online but I figured it's about time somebody designates a webpage to Sturgeon fishing in Idaho.  So this is just the beginning, hope to post info on each trip.